We always strive to deliver the highest-quality and freshest coffee possible. To that end, we roast all coffee to order and ship direct from our roastery in Portland, Oregon. We ship via USPS Priority Mail and offer free shipping on all coffee orders over $65 (use code FREESHIP65).

Orders will typically ship the following business day after the order is placed. Our production team does not work on weekends; orders placed on Fridays likely ship the following Monday. If you have a question about your order, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Full Cycle

Full Cycle is our signature espresso blend, and is the culmination of the Nossa Familia philosophy. The name signifies our involvement in the “full cycle” of coffee supply - from the farmers to you. Its components often change, but we keep its flavor profile consistent.


Family Line

Our Family Line of coffees are mostly named after our founder’s family members, uniquely chosen from one of our Brazilian farms (except our Organic coffees), and - in some small way - appropriately named to match flavor profiles with personalities. The Family Line encompasses a wide range of flavor profiles and roast levels; we don’t believe there is one roast level for everybody and are committed to providing a coffee for all palates. We are proud of these blends and work to ensure that their flavors remain consistent throughout harvest changes.

Microlot Series

Our single-origin Microlot Series coffees are particularly exceptional coffees sourced from origins all around the world. While Nossa Familia has grown and expanded beyond Brazil, our dedication to the “family” connections has never wavered, and we often work with smaller family farmers and cooperatives to source these coffees. All Microlots are available for a limited time, each new year producing a different coffee. We are proud to bring you some of the world's finest coffee from exceptional producers.


Literally translating from Spanish as 'skin' or 'peel,' Cascara is the dried husks of coffee cherries. Cascara has a unique flavor with a pleasant kick of caffeine and can be used as an infusion in drinks or steeped to make a sweet tea.