Brewing Guide


10 GRAMS COFFEE    |    170 GRAMS WATER    |    1:10 BREW TIME


Grind Size

Fine- about the texture of table salt.

You'll Need

  • 10g coffee
  • 170g water
  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress filter
  • Scale
  • KettleCup
Aeropress brew guide setup - Nossa Familia Coffee

Weigh & Heat

Weigh our 10 grams of coffee and heat your water to 200°F

Getting weight of Aeropress - Nossa Familia Coffee

Set up

Take the plunger and pull it back to the #4 mark. Unscrew the cap and set the Aeropress down so that the #1 mark is at the top.

Pour Coffee into Aeropress - Nossa Familia Coffee

Grind & Pour coffee

Grind coffee fine (texture of table salt) and pour into the Aeropress. Claire is using the funnel to cleanly pour the grounds into her Aeropress.

Pour Water into Aeropress Steps - Nossa Familia Coffee

Pour in water

Place the Aeropress on the scale, and zero out the scale. Begin adding water.

How to use Aeropress - Nossa Familia Coffee

Slowly Fill

Slowly fill with water up to the top

Stirring grounds to saturate  aeropress - Nossa Familia Coffee

Stir it up

Make sure the grounds are evenly saturated, stirring if necessary.

Rinse Aeropress Filter - Nossa Familia Coffee

Rinse Filter

Put the paper filter in the cap, and rinse with hot water

How to use Aeropress - Nossa Familia Coffee

Twist & Flip

Screw on the cap & flip the Aeropress over onto your cup.

gently plunging Aeropress

Push It

Start plunging gently with steady pressure until you hear a hissing sound. Stop! Serve and enjoy!