Our Energy Carbon Footprint

Loring Eco Friendly coffee roasting machine


We roast all of our coffee on Loring Smart Roast machines, the most environmentally-friendly commercial roasters available. We own a Loring Smart Roast S35 Kestrel and an S70 Peregrine, which were designed and built in Northern California utilizing components manufactured in the United States. Loring roasters use 80% less energy and emit 80% less emissions than a comparable standard roaster, and the recycling of hot air from the roaster drum eliminates the need for an afterburner. In 2018, roasting on the Loring reduced our emissions by 560,553 lbs of CO2 equivalent, which is equivalent to 54 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 44 homes’ annual electricity use. 


In 2015, Nossa Familia switched to 100% renewable (wind) electricity through Portland General Electric. Nossa employees are encouraged to commute car-free with subsidized annual bike tune-ups and stipends for bicycle/pedestrian foul-weather or safety gear. We have ongoing relationships with and lend practical and financial support to local nonprofit organizations including The Street Trust, p:ear, and Community Cycling Center, who work to promote bicycling as a safe, viable transportation option and recreational activity in the Portland area.