Materials Use, Reuse & Reduction

Reducing our waste generation has always been an important piece of our goal to minimize our environmental footprint.
Nossa Familia Biodegradable Packaging


On the roastery side we work to reduce waste by:
  1. delivering coffee in durable, reusable containers to our cafes and wholesale clients;
  2. using boxes made with recycled content that are 100% recyclable;
  3. purchasing coffee bags that are biodegradable and made of renewable materials;
  4. creatively reusing label backing as packaging stuffing;
  5. reusing boxes and packaging materials we receive;
  6. donating burlap sacks to local community partners and gardens;
  7. giving away shipping pallets and grain-pro agricultural bags;
  8. and donating unsold coffee to local nonprofits.

Zero Waste Efforts

Cafe cup usage infographic - Nossa Familia Coffee

In August 2018, our Seven Corners Café pioneered a Zero Waste program where we not only had the $0.25 discount for bringing your own mug, but also an upcharge for getting a disposable to-go cup. Since introducing this new charge, we have seen a significant reduction in share of to-go cups being used in the café, as well as a dramatic increase in customers choosing to bring their own mugs due to the environmental initiative. On Earth Day 2019, April 22, we introduced the to-go cup upcharge at our other two Portland cafés.