Materials Use, Reuse & Reduction

Nossa Familia Biodegradable Packaging

Packaging, Cups & Other Materials

Nossa Familia strives to find the balance between integrity of product and sustainability of packaging, which is a constant struggle in an industry that is unfortunately inherently riddled with waste. We try to do our part to minimize impact by sourcing products that are less harmful to the environment and try to support companies focused on innovation in the sustainable packaging industry. In September of 2017, we switched all of our retail and wholesale bags to a more sustainable line of bags from Pacific Bag Inc. called Biotrē™. These bags are made from renewable wood pulp with a polyethylene lining and are biodegradable in a home-composting setting.

Nossa Familia Cups

Zero Waste Efforts

In August 2018, our Seven Corners Café pioneered a Zero Waste program where we not only had the $0.25 discount for bringing your own mug, but also an upcharge for getting a disposable to-go cup. Since introducing this new charge, we have seen a significant reduction in share of to-go cups being used in the café, as well as a dramatic increase in customers choosing to bring their own mugs due to the environmental initiative. On Earth Day 2019, April 22, we introduced the to-go cup upcharge at our other two Portland cafés.

Reuse & Recycle

At the Nossa Familia roasting facility we routinely amass: burlap coffee sacks (great for weed suppression and bed edging); grain-pro agricultural bags (strong, moisture & gas-barrier plastic bags); pallets (building a compost bin, anyone?); and coffee grounds – these typically go directly into our compost, but we can bag grounds over the course of a few days. If any of these items are of interest to you, please contact us with your specific request to determine what is available and coordinate a time for pickup.

Cafe cup usage infographic - Nossa Familia Coffee