Green Coffee Sourcing

Green coffee sourcing - Nossa Familia

Forming meaningful, personal relationships with the farmers we source from has always been fundamental to Nossa Familia Coffee – in fact, the company was literally founded upon direct trade coffee (aka Grandma and Grandpa’s farm.) What started as an exclusively family-trade coffee business has expanded over the years to feature coffees from around the world. When Nossa Familia sources green coffee we make sure to do so through transparent, familiar channels that we have personally evaluated. In most cases we have visited the farm, farmer, or cooperative we are buying from (sometimes annually.) When we haven’t had the chance to visit we source through trusted companies, like Portland’s B Corp Certified Sustainable Harvest importers, Guatemala based non-profit De la Gente, socially-focused Deeper Roots Coffee, Café Imports, or Bourbon Coffee.


Nossa Familia Coffee purchases coffees that may be certified Organic, Utz certified, BSCA certified, and/or Fair Trade certified. Some of the farms/cooperatives we work with carry no certifications but use environmentally and socially conscious methods, choosing not to certify due to financial or political reasons. Our personal relationships with the producers we source from allows us to move beyond dependence on a third-party certification for knowledge of farming practices. Nossa Familia holds both Organic and B Corp certifications and believe these to be valuable indicators and standards for our commitment to protecting environmental integrity in the coffee process.

Nossa Familia Coffee is a certified Organic handling facility by Oregon Tilth, enabling us to assure the integrity of the Organic green coffee we purchase and to offer it as Organic Certified roasted coffee. We currently offer two coffees in our family line that are Organic Certified. These coffees are sourced from cooperatives in Huehuetenango, Guatemala (UPC - Asociación Unión de Pequeños Caficultores) and Peru. Learn more about our Organic coffees: Augusta's Organic Breakfast and Camila's Organic. Our other producer partners may also use organic, natural, and regenerative practices on their farms but do not carry the certifications, which can be prohibitively expensive for smaller producers.