Mathilde's French Roast - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Mathilde's French Roast - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Mathilde's French Roast - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
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Mathilde's French Roast - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription

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Dark Roast

Bold, dark chocolate body with a smoky & smooth finish

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Introducing Mathilde's French Roast 12 Month Gift Subscription - a special treat for the coffee connoisseur in your life. Our masterfully crafted French Roast offers a bold, dark chocolate flavor and a smooth finish, without any bitter or burnt aftertaste. A perfect balance of roasty and smoky, every sip will be a delight and a reminder of your thoughtfulness. With this Monthly Gift Subscription, you can provide your recipient with 12 shipments of our French Roast over the course of 12 months. Perfect for special occasions or just to show your appreciation, Mathilde's French Roast 12 Month Gift Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Treat your loved one to the ultimate coffee experience - the unmistakable flavor of Mathilde's French Roast. Our coffee is carefully roasted to bring out the best and richest flavors, making it the ideal choice for coffee professionals, gourmets and discerning connoisseurs alike. So why not surprise someone special with this unique and delicious gift? With Mathilde's French Roast 12 Month Gift Subscription, you can be sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

Great Grandmother Mathilde

Great Grandmother Mathilde: Bold, strong, full of life

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
bernard mansbach

Been my happy choice for years

Kelli Barr
Best coffee ever!

I love Nossa Familia coffee so much. Every morning is pure joy in a mug! No other coffee compares to it. Whenever I travel I am disappointed by other coffee and can't wait to get home to Nossa Familia in my mug!!

Smith Smith
We do simple Mr. Coffee and get great results

My partner was using a quart of cream and a box of sweetener every week and I just "lived with" the sour and bitter aftertastes of every coffee we tried. Then we happened onto Nossa Familia and my partner is drinking his coffee black. It's a miracle!!!! And I enjoy the just-coffee flavor of every cup.

Best coffee!

Mathilde's French Roast is very possibly the best coffee I've ever had. I generally avoid French roast coffee because so much of it has a bitter aftertaste. Not Mathilde's! It is rich, robust and smooth. I'm indebted to my son for introducing me to this great coffee.

Roberto Martinez
Nissan Familia never fails

We’ve been loyal customers ever since discovering this wonderful coffee on Cycle Oregon. Recently thought I’d change up our order to go with a different coffee and Matilda’s was wonderful. Been enjoying Teodoro's for so long that now will have to make a decision on which to order on our monthly subscription. Either way I know we can’t go wrong!! Love the coffee and the great mailing service.

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