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These hefty 10oz ceramic diner mugs are a throwback to simpler times. All mug options feature a hand-drawn coffee-themed illustration on one side, and the Nossa bean, leaf, and flame icon on the other side. Four designs available, left to right in the photo:

  • Coffee Cherry Branch (black & red)

  • Harvest Hand (black & red)

  • Roaster (black)

  • Granny Wheelie (black)

Customer Reviews

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Gift for family

I sent this and some other items as a gift to my aunt and uncle in the Midwest because Portland is special to me and coffee is special to us. 🥰 They seem to like it.

Nossa Mugs

Great diner mugs and beautiful logos. My go to mugs for my morning coffee!

Haley Kemp
New favorite mug

Love the mug and this company!

Kevin Neese
Bought two

I buy a lot of coffee mugs; rather, I buy a lot of coffee mugs that I hope will be great. This is probably the best mug I own. It is just the right size, and more importantly, it is sufficiently a thick ceramic. I will buy more

Garret Godfrey
The mug is great! My order of green beans was light-

The mug is fantastic! I also ordered two batches of 1lb each of green beans that were only 15 oz of beans each and a 3lb bag that was 3 oz short. I wasn't going to even bother contacting them to complain, but since they sent me a review form, I figured I'd mention it. I haven't roasted the beans yet, so I can't review the beans themselves. I did really like the bags that they pack the beans in- they are VERY nice!

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