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Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar - Gesha (Washed)

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PREORDER SHIP DATE: 07/02/24] Experience the flavor of Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar - Gesha (Washed) coffee. Sourced from the Atitlán region of Guatemala, the low-yielding gesha is renowned in the specialty coffee world for its complex flavor profile with notes of citrus, floral, and berry. Anticipate an enticing Earl Grey aroma coupled with sweet floral notes and subtle hints of lime, cranberry, and cherry.

Not only is this coffee the highest quality beans, but it's also ethically sourced from a regenerative farm dedicated to preserving the local environment and community. Finca San Jerónimo Miramar has established a research lab to study natural methods of pest and fungus control and produces its own cheese and cream from cows on the farm. They've also designated a third of their land a protected, virgin cloud forest. When you buy this coffee, you're investing in a delicious and sustainable coffee experience. Order your bag of Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar - Gesha (Washed) today and taste the difference for yourself.


Finca San Jerónimo Miramar

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