Our 2021 -2022 B Corp Progress Report: Transparency in Action

Our 2021 -2022 B Corp Progress Report: Transparency in Action

March is B Corp Month. We’re celebrating all month long by sharing Behind the B, glimpses of what being a B Corporation means to Nossa Familia Coffee. In 2016 Nossa Familia Coffee became Oregon’s first B Corp Certified Coffee Roaster, showing our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit. We see coffee as a force for good – both as a responsibility and as an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world.  We’re proud to be a part of a global movement that now includes 4,769 Certified B Corporations in more than 78 countries.


Resilience + Hard Work + Amazing Crew + Great Customers = Nossa Familia staying alive and doing A-OK through these crazy times.There may be a good amount of luck sprinkled throughout 2021 as well. We feel very grateful to be in the position we're in. In fact, comparing some of the numbers with the previous year, we can see that we're slowly bouncing back. Where Nossa Familia is today looks promising.

When we look back at 2021, some of the numbers we were particularly proud of include:

  • EXPANDING OUR GIVEBACK COFFEE PROGRAM to contribute to local and global non-profit organizations, with $13,043 donated in cash and $16,0804 in-kind donations;

  • RESUMING ZERO WASTE EFFORTS at our cafes – saving over FIFTY-THOUSAND disposable, single-use cups from the landfill!;

  • INCREASING STAFF WAGES across all departments in the fall of 2021 in addition to providing hazard pay to workers impacted by the pandemic from August of 2020 to April of 2021.


Nossa by the Numbers 2021

  • 290,643 lbs of coffee were roasted
  • 163,750 lbs of C02e were saved by roasting on our energy-efficient Loring machines - over 80% less emissions than standard roasters
  • 15,582 lattes were served at our cafes
  • 46% of lattes served were made with plant based milk - presenting a lower Global Warming Potential than lattes made with dairy milk
  • 56,540 disposable cups were saved from the landfill thanks to 67% of customers bringing their own reusable cups or choosing for-here
  • $16,804 was donated in-kind to local nonprofits
  • $13,043 was donated in cash to nonprofits including:
  • $1,050 was allocated to Kiva.org to administer a microloan to Todos Vencedores, a small, woman-owned business upcycling textiles in São Paulo, Brazil through the sale of Delícia do Brasil coffee.


  • Launching a new, employee-led giving committee to finance microloans through Kiva.org to small businesses in underserved coffee-growing communities.


  • Net Zero by 2030 Pledge: Furthering our pledge as one of 1,100+ B Corp Businesses to commit to Net Zero by 2030. 

  • Portland Means Progress Work: Continuing our company's advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and our participation in Prosper Portland's Portland Means Progress city-wide program designed to create a more inclusive economy in Portland. 
  • B Corp Re-certification: The big undertaking coming up is our B Corp re-certification. This rigorous process allows us the opportunity to take a deep dive into assessing our impact on our workers, community, customers, and the environment; look for areas of improvement; and further our mission – creating positive relationships locally and globally using business as a force for good.

Our ongoing commitments as a B Corp include:

  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy at all Nossa Familia facilities
  • Reducing roasting energy & emissions by up to 80% using Loring machines
  • Implementing extensive Zero Waste initiatives in our roastery & cafés
  • Paying above Fair Trade prices to our coffee farmers
  • Having a local, and sustainable purchasing policy to guide procurement
  • Offering paid volunteer & pro-bono time for employees to engage with community organizations
  • Donating at least 1% of annual gross profits to nonprofit organizations
  • Progress over perfection - continually striving to improve in all areas of the company

Sustainability Report
For a deeper dive into our commitments as a B Corporation, our previous sustainability report is available online

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