Our 2021 Festa Holiday Blend is here!

Our 2021 Festa Holiday Blend is here!

Since 2016, our Festa Holiday Blend has been a mainstay of holiday offerings here at Nossa Familia Coffee. Festa represents the best tasting and quality coffee that we have to offer and it gives back to communities doing the hard work of producing coffee. 50¢ of every bag of Festa purchased provides opportunities for the next generation of coffee farmers in Guatemala through the De la Gente Young Entrepreneur Fund. 

Sales of our Festa Holiday Blend allowed us to donate $2,140 to the De la Gente Fund in 2020

Join us in using coffee as a force for good! Your purchase of Festa 2021 will help us collectively support the children of our Guatemalan origin partners achieve their goals, within the coffee industry and beyond. 

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Festa 2021 includes beans from our family farms in Brazil as well as our partner producers at Finca San Jose de las Nubes in Nicaragua, and from the San Miguel Escobar Cooperative in Guatemala. It’s a festive, dark roast with notes of dark chocolate, macadamia nut, nutmeg, and orange zest.

ABOUT THE GIVEBACK: De la Gente & the Young Entrepreneur Fund

For the third year in a row, Nossa Familia has chosen to partner with De la Gente as our Festa donation recipient. De la Gente is a non-profit organization working with small scale coffee farmers and cooperatives in Guatemala to create economic opportunities that improve the quality of life for their families and communities. Through the De la Gente Young Farmers Fund, now the Young Entrepreneur Fund, proceeds from our Festa Holiday Blend help to foster the professional development of a motivated group of young adults, each of whom are the children of coffee-growers in Guatemala.

De la Gente Young Entrepreneur Fund 2021


The Young Entrepreneur Group

The 12 members of the Young Entrepreneur Group are the rising generation of our coffee origin partner cooperative in San Miguel Escobar near Antigua. This determined group of young adults see personal development in the coffee trade as a means to achieve their professional goals both in and beyond the coffee industry to support themselves and their families. Many aspire to follow their family’s footsteps, specializing in coffee production, while some seek to leverage their coffee experience to gain access to education and professions beyond the coffee trade in engineering, medicine, and law.

Through the administration of the Young Entrepreneur Fund, De La Gente is supporting the professional development of these young entrepreneurs with access to interest-free microloans, equipment, education and technical training.

Through the administration of the Young Entrepreneur Fund, De La Gente is supporting the professional development of these young entrepreneurs

How the Fund has Helped

Due to the pandemic, which has been especially difficult for Guatemalans, having the fund in place with De la Gente has been a blessing for members of the group. In 2020 each group member was able to receive an interest-free, $400 loan from De la Gente to help with coffee harvest expenses and emergency family needs. Each of these loans was subsequently paid in full and due to the success of the program, De la Gente granted ten new loans to members of the group in 2021. The group also requested and was granted funds to purchase equipment and scholarships to attend training in coffee roasting. 

Learn More

Learn more about De la Gente, the Young Entrepreneur Fund, and the important work De la Gente is doing to help improve the quality of life for coffee farmers and their families on the De la Gente website.


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