Introducing our Microlot Release Club

Introducing our Microlot Release Club

by Karen Lickteig, Marketing Director

Every year our Director of Coffee, Rob Hoos, travels to origin and receives samples from our partner farms to curate our selection of microlots. And year after year, Rob and I have a similar conversation, when I find out that he has purchased 8-10 (or more) microlots from our Central American partner farms, some of which are different lots from the same farm, cooperative or even different single farmers in the same cooperative:

"Rob, how are we supposed to sell all of these coffees? How are we supposed to communicate to people about their differences? How are people supposed to CHOOSE?" -Me

This time around, we're trying something new, so that you can have a chance to try all of these amazing coffees. That's why we're inviting you to join our new Microlot Release Club.

Rob and our crew have visited these farmers, sampled their coffees, cupped them, dialed in their roast profiles, and have been simply blown away by these outstanding coffees. A few of them Rob has described as "FREAKING FANTASTIC."

Now it's your turn to try them all, and appreciate them for what they are, and also where they come from. For example, here are a few we're excited to highlight:

  • A natural-process coffee from Nicaragua Finca San Jose de las Nubes. This was the first time that brothers Bayardo and Alvaro Reyes have tried doing a natural process coffee. They hit the nail on the head - and they may have Googled how to do it.

  • A new microlot from Fredy Gonzalez, a colleague of Timoteo Minas of the San Miguel Escobar Cooperative, whose 2033-masl coffee stood out in a competition amongst other co-op members

  • Two geisha coffees processed in different ways from Finca San Jerónimo Miramar in Guatemala - a honey process and washed process

Starting August 24, we'll unveil our new single origin coffees in a 4-week subscription of Central American microlot releases. Subscribers will get 8 outstanding coffees from 6 farms, over 4 shipments. Each week will contain two 4-ounce bags of exceptional coffees paired on a weekly theme.

Once you've joined the club and received your coffees, join the conversation over at the Nossa Familia blog. Each week, we will post more background information about the coffees, and the flavor notes that we are tasting from them. We invite members of the club also to comment with their impressions.

Coffees each week will include:

Week 1 - Process
Shipping on August 24
Coffee 1: Washed Process from Nicaragua - Finca San Jose de las Nubes
Coffee 2: Natural Process from Nicaragua - Finca San Jose de las Nubes

Week 2 - Cooperatives
Shipping on August 31
Coffee 1: Guatemala - La Armonia Hermosa
Coffee 2: Guatemala - San Miguel Escobar Cooperative

Week 3 - Single Farmers
Shipping on September 7
Coffee 1: Timoteo Minas from Guatemala - San Miguel Escobar Cooperative
Coffee 2: Fredy Gonzalez from Guatemala - San Miguel Escobar Cooperative

Week 4 - Geisha Two Ways
Shipping on September 14
Coffee 1: Honey Process Geisha from Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar
Coffee 2: Washed Process Geisha from Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar

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