Brewing Recipe: The Cachoeira Iced Coffee

Brewing Recipe: The Cachoeira Iced Coffee

In Portuguese, cachoeira (ka-Swey-rə) means “waterfall.” Nossa Familia’s original farm, Fazenda Cachoeira, derives its name from the waterfall discovered by Augusto's grandparents.

The Cachoeira Iced Coffee

In the sultry, mountainous region surrounding Fazenda Cachoeira, summer days can be unforgiving. Moments of rest and rejuvenation are precious, and the waterfall provides relief and refreshment from the equatorial summer.


This iced coffee drink is a tribute to those waterfall moments. Those carefree moments of reflection before the next wave of work. Like Brazil, the Cachoeira is a rich combination of origins with a nose reminiscent of the Portuguese spice trade.


  • Nossa Familia’s Camila’s Organic Coffee
  • ¾ TSP of Cardamom
  • 4 parts coffee to 1 part condensed, sweetened milk
  • sugar to taste
  • bowl of ice
  • Pyrex measuring cup or metal steam pitcher

Mix Cardamom with ground coffee before brewing. When measuring ground coffee, add two tablespoons of coffee for every Cup (8 oz.) of water. Once coffee is brewed, add sweetened, condensed milk at 4:1 ratio with coffee, placing milk on the bottom of your measuring cup or steaming pitcher. Add hot coffee and sugar to taste.

Stir the mixture with a long spoon, setting the bottom of the measuring cup or pitcher atop the bowl of ice. Allow the pitcher to melt the ice in the bowl. In minutes, via convection, your mixture will be cold enough to pour over ice. Be sure not to pour the mixture before it’s cooled; this will cause the ice to melt, diluting its well-balanced flavors.

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