Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription
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Sul de Minas
Global Reigon
South America

Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription

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Marzipan, chocolate, mellow fruit

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Treat the coffee connoisseur in your life to the gift of our delicious Brazilian decaf with our Brazil Decaf - 12 Month - Monthly Gift Subscription. Our decaf is sourced from family farms in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil and is made up of a special lot of Peaberry beans, which are naturally mutated coffee cherries containing just one seed instead of two. The flavor of this decaf is unparalleled, as it is processed using the Swiss Water Process, an innovative and safe method of caffeine extraction that is highly regarded among professional baristas. With this subscription, your special someone can enjoy 12 shipments of our Brazilian Decaf with no shipping costs, giving them the gift of coffee every month. This unique offering is perfect for the coffee lover in your life and is sure to show that you care.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Wonderful flavor

I love Nossa coffee company. The decaf is delicious and it's my everyday coffee since I can't have caffeine. My only complaint is it's the only choice for decaf.

John Smith
These Beans Brew the Bossa Nova of Decaf

The problem with nearly all decaf coffee beans/grinds is their often flaccid flavor profile. Most roasters appear to compensate for this by over-roasting their beans to add some burnt caramel flavor to the brew. These beans aren't like that. These ones, whose diminutive, dare I say cute?, size make them look like the Ethiopian pea berries, brew up a richly flavored broth with a complex flavor profile. Use more beans for a thick, meaty broth; use fewer beans for a brew that has more floral tones.
I will say that these beans do seem to carry a small caffeine load, much less than a fully caffeinated bean, but a little bit nonetheless which is actually a feature in this household and not a bug. This is the first and only decaffeinated bean I've encountered that makes and tastes like an excellent cup. Recommended.

Kerry Montgomery
Perfect! Accompaniment

To the Nissan caffeinated Brazilian. Because of heart flutters I do a 1/3 caf, 2/3 decaf. So I buy two bags of decaf and a bag caf, mix them together and I have one smooth, low acid delicious cup of coffee every morning.

Very Good!

With blood pressure issues, was looking to add a Decaf to my routine. I mixed 1/3 with my Teodoro's to lower overall caffeine content - it worked beautifully. I will be aiming to get to 1/1 ratio, but so far so good. Excellent Decaf!

Gloria Emmert
A gift

Haven’t tried your coffee yet, it is a Christmas gift for my husband. I lived in Brasil many years.

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