Sustainability in the Café

Sustainability in the Café - The Zero Waste Café, Part Two: Initial Results of the To-Go Cup Upcharge at the Seven Corners Café

Next in our Sustainability in the Café series, we look at the results of our Zero Waste-driven, to-go cup upcharge program at our Seven Corners café. We have seen a significant reduction in the share of customers who choose to get to-go cups compared to our other cafés. Studies in behavioral economics give some indicators as to why.

Sustainability in the Café: The Zero Waste Café, Part 1 - What it means to open a coffee shop with no waste

First up in our Sustainability in the Café series, we dig into the meaning of Zero Waste in the café. A couple years ago, when our café at Seven Corners was just an idea, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to set out to build a café that was a bit different from the rest. We set out with an ambitious sustainability initiative to become a Zero Waste café by taking specific actions to reduce and limit our waste. Learn more about these actions, such as our to-go cup upcharge, and more!