Modulating The Flavor Profile of Coffee by Rob Hoos

Modulating The Flavor Profile of Coffee by Rob Hoos

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By our very own Director of Coffee, Rob Hoos, this "Roaster's Manifesto" takes a deep dive into manipulating the flavor of coffee through varying the profile in roasting.

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“In my time roasting for companies on the West Coast and the Midwest, I have had the opportunity to roast coffee on an assortment of different machines. I have roasted a variety of single origins and blends, and I’ve experimented with roast profiles while taking meticulous notes, both during roasting and later at the cupping table. Throughout my years of experimentation, I’ve discovered some commonalities in how changes in the roasting profile affect the flavor of the coffee."

"In this handbook, I have pinpointed these aspects of the roast profile and detailed why they matter to development of flavor in the finished product. If you’re a roasting professional who is searching for new ideas to nail down the profiles you want, this handbook will help you reach your goals.” -Rob Hoos

64 page, paperback.

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Tina M Stanford
Gift, so I can’t answer

Gift to someone else.

J. R. Longsdorf
Good insights

Lots of little Hidden Gem tips in this book.

Mike Detmer

Modulating The Flavor Profile of Coffee by Rob Hoos

G Froelich
Clear Practical Guide

Although it has a few distracting grammatical and spelling errors, this book provides a data-driven guide to refining the roast by a kind of divide and conquer strategy. The three basic phases are analyzed in a practical, easy to apply way. I'll be coming back to this text many times.