Best of Nossa Set

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Medium Roast
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Can’t decide which of our coffees to choose, or want to send the perfect coffee gift to a loved one? Grab a set of our bestselling coffees with this Best of Nossa Set. This set includes a 12oz bag of Teodoro’s Italian Roast whole bean and our Full Cycle Signature Blend whole bean, plus a pack of our single-serve Steeped coffee.


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Customer Reviews

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Swedish biker
Excellent Coffee and Socks

We are enjoying our coffee and socks and I now have a resource for family and friend's gifts.

Bruno Manrique
The best Christmas gifts are the unexpected ones

I received the Best of Nossa set as a gift from work and I was excited to try it. I thought the very least I could do is write a thorough review as a thank you.
Full Cycle is a homey coffee, it wakes up your senses with a sweet aroma and a syrupy finish. Best in the mornings for a let's-get-started feeling without feeling like you got hit in the head with an alarm clock.
Teodoro's Italian Roast leaves no holes in your palate. It's full of rich, strong flavor with a nutty aftertaste that brings it all together.
Last but not least, I was really impressed with the roast profile guide and the descriptions on the packaging — they were right on the money.

Coffee Fan
"Good Feel" Coffee

The coffee is flavorful and bold. It is not acidic. I always enjoy "family" run businesses and this does not disappoint. I can feel good about this coffee on all levels. I love where the coffee beans originate, the value and taste of this coffee.

Susan Hawkins
Best tasting coffee

Purchased this coffee after seeing it on QVC. Really enjoyed the taste of the coffee. Just on my first bag but I am certain the 2nd bag will be equally as good. Will order again.

Chris Isles

I live in LA, and I paid to have this shipped… ‘nuff said :)