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Cafiza Espresso Cleaner

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Single Canister, 566 grams.

NOTE, product is recommended for commercial or prosumer espresso equipment only.  Always refer to your machine's user manual for proper cleaning procedure and recommended cleaning products.

Nothing will tarnish your coffee more than unclean brewing equipment.  We use Urnex's Cafiza cleaner in our cafes for all espresso equipment.  Backflusing your espresso machine is an important cleaning ritual to clean oils from groupheads, screens, baskets, portafilters, valves, and lines.  Make this a daily task to keep your espresso machine and its parts in top condition. 
  • Add a dime-size amount to the blank/blind portafilter basket. 
  • Lock portafilter into grouphead. 
  • Activate grouphead water and let run for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Turn off grouphead water and wait 5-10 seconds. 
  • Repeat 3 times. 
  • Discard cleaning solution from portafilter and lock empty blank/blind portafilter back in the same grouphead. 
  • Repeat the previous process with water only. 
  • All done! Repeat entire process for each of the machine's groupheads.
  • Note, discard, don't drink, the next shot of espresso you make from each grouphead.

This product is also the recommended solution for cleaning the portafilter itself, the portafilter basket, the spring, the grouphead screen(s), and the grouphead screw(s).  Once backflusing is complete, place all items in a heat-proof container.  Add small amount of cleaning powder to container and add hot water (just 1 gram per 6oz of water).  Ensure only metal components (not the rubber portafilter handle, for example) are submerged in the cleaning solution.  Let soak for at least 15 minutes and then discard solution, brush all items' metal surfaces, and rinse thouroughly.

Customer Reviews

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James Hoeft

This is the best cleaner I have ever found really deep cleans my coffee maker without corrosive damage.Its great to clean coffee carriers thermos as well.It puts vinegar to shame.

Thomas Brunaugh Thomas Brunaugh

Tastes great!

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