Camila's Organic 3 Month Monthly Gift Subscription

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Medium-Dark Roast
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Gift the gift of coffee! This gift subscription is for product shipped every month for 3 months, or 3 total shipments.

A medium-dark organic roast. Rich chocolate body with sweet & floral undertones.

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Customer Reviews

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Helen Elder
A second cup? Yes!

Camilas is my favorite!

I love the chocolate taste was well as the overall almost creamy flavor, it lacks any kind of bitter or burned taste of other brands. I have tried different flavors, but I always come back to Camilas! It is so smooth and rich; it is so satisfying that I often am satiated with just one cup!

Camilla's Organic Whole Beans 2lb

After discovering Nossa when I lived in Portland, it was a must to begin ordering my all-time favorite coffee beans....Camilla's Organic! My order comes like clock-work each month just as I'm about out. I've even taken my fav grind on trips, but after the last search and seize at airport lol, I carry only beans! Thank you Nossa for your delicious coffee, and all that you do for humans and planet. love in a cup <3

Wendy Davis
My favorite coffee!

I love Camila’s blend coffee. It is full bodied with delicious chocolate notes. It is my favorite coffee in the whole world. It goes down very smoothly. Yum!

Tony Wade
My Favorite

Nossa gets this coffee just perfect. The tasting notes are as described. Surprised me as I’m less attracted to darker roasts. Best brewed for me using a chemex and a metal cone at 205°
drinking 2lbs q4 weeks. As a company, Nossa Familia is admirable in their practices. My favorite.

Jacqueline Mandell
Warehouse Pick Up

I loved the convenience of picking up my online coffee bean order at the warehouse. No line! Nice people.