Save the USPS!

Save the USPS!

A strong US Postal Service is vital to our democracy & small business

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing the deeply troubling news of attempts to undermine a great American institution, the United States Postal Service. These changes are extremely worrying to us as a small business reliant on shipping through USPS, and as U.S. citizens who are concerned for our democracy and the upcoming November elections.

Millions of Americans rely on the USPS every single day to get their letters and packages from Point A to B, and our company is no exception. As a small business, we are highly dependent on the USPS for our day-to-day operations. In fact, our ability to fulfill online and wholesale orders by shipping through USPS is one of the main things helping to keep our business alive and our staff employed during these times. While there are alternative shipping companies, we get the best rates through USPS for most of our shipments, which allows us to better serve our customers.

We also know that the USPS is crucial to the functioning of our democracy, especially during a time where many people don’t feel safe leaving their home for any reason — including to stand in line at a polling place in order to cast their vote. As concerned, engaged citizens, we believe that democracy is better served when more people have the ability to vote, and to do it safely from home during a pandemic. The prospect of free and fair elections in 2020 will rely on the USPS being able to deliver mailed ballots in a timely and efficient manner.

On August 15, the USPS issued warnings to nearly all 50 states that it may not be able to meet election deadlines with their handling of election mail, which spurred swift action and outcries of support across the country. Last week, in response to the groundswell of support for the USPS and mobilization against these changes, the Postmaster General said that he would suspend cost-cutting operational changes until after the 2020 election. But much of the damage has already been done, and it must be reversed. Reports have surfaced from postal workers around the country of both mail collection boxes and mail sorting machines being removed. Mail delays are causing our fellow Americans to run out of their vital medications. Rural Americans are also adversely affected, and farmers who rely on the USPS are receiving shipments of dead plants and animals that are unable to withstand the longer-than-usual transit times and rough handling.

We are urging further action in support of the USPS. We call on our government to:

  • Provide immediate and adequate funding support for the Postal Service.

  • Immediately halt and reverse damage from the mail slowdown policies introduced by the Postmaster General.

  • Ensure public confidence in voting-by-mail by providing all necessary resources for the most timely delivery of election mail possible.

We are taking action and urge you to do what you can to help Save the USPS! Here are a few more ideas of how you can help:

  1. Call or email your representatives in Congress, imploring them to approve funding and roll back cuts to the USPS

  2. Buy stamps & merch from the USPS official store

  3. Sign petitions like this one and this one, and join activists mobilizing support. Check out

  4. Vote early! Educate yourself now on key deadlines and vote as early as possible! Visit for more info

  5. Ask local officials to add for more ballot drop-off boxes in your region

Check out this article and this article for more info on what you can do.

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