Our Pearl District Espresso Bar is Moving! + FAQ

Our Pearl District Espresso Bar is Moving! + FAQ


After five wonderful years roasting and serving from our Espresso Bar in the Pearl District at NW 13th & Johnson, our Roastery is moving to the Northwest Industrial district, and our Espresso Bar will move to a new spot at NW 13th & Lovejoy. We're here to answer your questions.

History of our Pearl District Roastery & Espresso Bar

Five years ago, after a 6-month search for a new home for Nossa Familia Coffee, we found it in the heart of the bustling Pearl District, at 1319 NW Johnson St. It was a cool old building with plenty of light, office space, and at the time it was WAY too big for us at 6,000 square feet. We sublet the building for 2 years to our office coffee partner, Belmont Coffee Service as both of our companies grew. The location has been a wonderful home for our roastery for the past 5 years. We've grown from just 6 employees to over 30 while we've been in this building, and have built countless more long-lasting relationships with our customers, team members, and partners.

In 2013, we opened the Nossa Espresso Bar after a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign. The goal was to showcase Augusto's (the founder and current Chief Friendship Office at Nossa Familia) family's Brazilian coffee in a farm-to-cup espresso bar. The Nossa Espresso Bar opened in April 2013, and since then has served thousands of customers from near and far. We've met guests from Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Montana, Kansas, Seattle, and more. We've built relationships with our regulars from our own backyard, and folks who live and work in the neighborhood.

We lived through a lot in this building and despite the challenges we’ve persevered and done some pretty amazing things. We're excited for the next chapter of Nossa Familia Coffee in these beautiful new spaces! We hope you'll come visit - we'll always have the same history, same relationships, and the same great coffee.

About the New Espresso Bar

There's no time or reason to get sad about our Espresso Bar moving - because we're only going one block away, to an awesome, brand new spot at NW 13th & Lovejoy! We worked with Killian Pacific and Fieldwork Design on this small space in the lobby at Lovejoy Square. It's another small area, similar in size to our current Espresso Bar. The new spot will be themed on Nicaraguan cloud forests, with lofty ceilings, natural lighting, tons of plants, and light fixtures that resemble dew drops. This follows the theme of our origin-inspired cafés (like our new Guatemalan-inspired spot at SE 3rd & Clay and our forthcoming Brazil-themed café at SE 20th & Division in Portland).

We're still putting the final touches on and don't have any photos to share yet, but we will add some here when it's ready! You can visit us at this new location starting Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

For Our Customers: Espresso Bar Move FAQ

You’re moving? Why?
Our lease is ending in this building, and we have outgrown this space for our roastery, production and offices, so are moving to a new location.

Where are you moving?
The espresso bar is moving one block north to NW 13th and Lovejoy (1350 NW Lovejoy St), right next to OfficeMax. It’s a small location, like this one. We also hope to share the patio above where The Pink Rose used to be with the new tenant of that location.

When are you moving?
We are closed January 1st for our moving day. We will reopen at the new location on January 2nd at 6:30am.

Is the roastery & warehouse also moving?
Yes. The warehouse has moved to the NW Industrial area (3530 NW St Helens Rd) as of December 29.

Will there be indoor seating?
While the inside of the espresso bar is small and will only have room for a bar and four stools (similar to the one we currently have) we will have a lot of outdoor seating on the patio.

Can I still get 2lb bags of coffee at your new Espresso Bar location?
Unfortunately, since we won’t be attached to our production area, we will only offer 12oz bags of retail coffee. You can order 2lb bags of coffee online at our website at nossacoffee.com and get as much coffee as you want in the bulk bins at our cafe at SE 3rd & Clay. 

Will the staff be the same?
Yes, we are all moving over to the new location.

Will there be a bathroom?

Will the coffee be just as good?
Yes! That is a promise.

What’s different about the new location?
The space is brand-new! The espresso bar aesthetic will be themed on Nicaraguan cloud forests with lots of plants and natural lighting, following the theme of our origin-inspired cafés (like our new Guatemalan-inspired spot at SE 3rd & Clay and our forthcoming Brazil-themed café at SE 20th & Division).

Will you still host classes & tours?
Our free public tours & cuppings are on hold until we get our new roastery space all set up. We will continue to host classes on the weekends at our SE 3rd & Clay café until further notice. Our Director of Coffee will also be hosting Roasting classes at the new roastery. You can check our current class listings on Eventbrite.

Who can I ask if I have more question?
Please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Form.

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