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We're continuing our series featuring Black-owned coffee companies in our cafes with a new coffee from special guest Southeastern Roastery. 

Papua New Guinea Coffee at Nossa Cafes

A rare treat for Nossa Familia, our guest coffee is a Papua New Guinean. Southeastern describes this coffee as having "notes of jackfruit with a malic pear/green apple front flavor and a finish of light cocoa and dry black tea."

Papua New Guinea


Based in Baltimore, MD, Southeastern Roastery, the coffee brand of Southeastern Roast and Brewery, was started in 2016 by former engineer turned coffee roaster, Candy Henderson Schibli. On why she got into coffee, Candy has expressed that she "wanted to get into something that enhances the pleasure of life,” recognizing coffee as “a basic need we all share regardless of race, class, or income.” 

Southeastern Roastery Daily Coffee News Howard Bryman

In addition to making good coffee, Southeastern Roastery strives to work with women throughout the value chain of coffee. So far they have achieved this by working with female owned importers, coffee farms and producers who offer programs that support women, female owned bakeries supplying their cafe, and working with a fashion designer to upcycling bulk, burlap coffee bags into unisex handbags.

In the spring of 2020, the company expanded with the opening of Southeastern Roastery Coffee Lab, a cafe space with future plans for community programming and engagement. In an interview with Daily Coffee News about the opening of the coffee lab, Candy shared “I really like the idea of collective community safe space that stimulates the senses, whether it be through taste, sound, or vision. I want to incorporate all of these, and use them as a conduit to encourage more mindfulness. I think we’ve lost some of that in our society.”


  • Shop coffee on their website:
  • Follow @southeasternroastery on Instagram
  • Visit the Southeastern Coffee Lab located in Baltimore’s Locust Point neighborhood at 1433 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230


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