Introducing Nossa Cares: Delícia is Now a One-for-One Coffee

Introducing Nossa Cares: Delícia is Now a One-for-One Coffee


The time of COVID-19 is all about recognizing new and emerging needs, and pivoting to help others. Today, we’re proud to announce a pivot of our own: our beloved Delícia roast is becoming a one-for-one coffee. Through our new “Nossa Cares” giveback program, we’re donating coffee to local organizations providing food and care to those in need.

For every pound of Delícia we sell, we’ll donate a pound to local nonprofit p:ear to serve during their meals to the Portland community. For many years we have worked with p:ear, an organization located in downtown Portland dedicated to creatively mentoring homeless youth. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, they have served thousands of meals to the Portland homeless community, and are currently serving over 400 people everyday. Through Nossa Cares, we'll work with p:ear to make sure that those meals include a cup of coffee. Learn more about how you can help p:ear from home.

Tasting Notes for Delícia Coffee
Literally translating to “delicious,” Delícia is a balanced and appealing medium-roast coffee that is sweet, chocolaty and nutty. We use beans from our family's farm in the Cerrado Region of Brazil, known for fuller-bodied coffees with a higher degree of sweetness and lower acidity.

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