Introducing Sip & Sonder

Introducing Sip & Sonder

Nossa Familia is thrilled to kick off the month of June with the continuation of our series promoting Black-owned coffee companies with special guest roaster, Sip & Sonder.

The Nile


The Nile is Sip & Sonder's single origin light roast coffee from Rwanda, showcasing warm notes of cinnamon, red ripe fruit, and apple pie. This coffee originates from the Gasharu farm, which is close to Nyungwe National Park, the furthest source of the Nile River.

Brewed with the Kalita Wave, we’ve been delighted to find The Nile is equally delicious hot and on ice. 

Through mid-July, The Nile will be available on drip and for purchase by the bag at all Nossa Familia cafes while supplies last.


Sip & Sonder sources their coffee for The Nile through Umuko Coffee, a family-owned, farm and direct trade Rwandan coffee distributor. Umuko Coffee is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in coffee farming communities who have long suffered from unfair practices in the industry. They believe that a thriving community will grow the best possible coffee.


Introducing Sip and Sonder

Sip & Sonder was established in 2017 by Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, two friends and former colleagues with a shared dream of creating a space where "coffee, community and culture truly connect." Inglewood, California's first Black women-owned, specialty coffee house and roastery, Sip & Sonder is a vibrant entrepreneurial and creative hub, a space where creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, curators and everyone in between can simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, connect and create. 


Sip and Sonder visit to Nossa Familia Coffee

On June 2nd, Sip & Sonder’s founder Shanita Nicholas visited Nossa Familia’s roastery and Central Eastside Cafe for a tour and a special, in-person and Instagram Live coffee talk with Nossa founder Augusto. Shanita and Augusto also joined Sip & Sonder’s co-founder Amanda-Jane Thomas remotely along with both their head roaster in CA and their coffee origin partner Jean Christophe (Chris) Rusatira of Umuko Coffee.

Reflecting on the discussion, Nossa Familia’s founder Augusto shared that he felt a particular kinship with Shanita who also transitioned from a 'traditional' career to coffee, from Law to coffee, just like he went from Engineering to coffee, and with Chris, in the US helping and representing his family growing coffee in Rwanda.

Watch the recap (shortened for brevity) of the engaging conversation covering the importance of friendships in the coffee industry and building deeper, direct partnerships with origin partners, innovative coffee cultivation in Rwanda, pour over coffee, and what makes the "perfect" roast.


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One of Nossa Familia’s core values is ‘Always Be Making Friends’ (ABMF). We like having coffee friends! Since day one, in the extremely competitive coffee industry, we’ve valued the camaraderie and friendships of other specialty coffee roasters and have actively sought out deeper connections through coffee trades and guest features in our cafes.

In May of 2020, Nossa Familia Coffee made the decision to dedicate all of our guest features to Black-owned coffee businesses to support and elevate their work. This decision was part of our companywide commitment to be allies to our Black community, find ways to educate ourselves, improve, do the work to confront discrimination, and counter systemic injustices for people of color. We recognize that ​​making a deliberate choice to promote and buy from Black owned businesses supports racial justice, builds a more equitable economy, and ultimately strengthens community.

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