Full Cycle for bike works by p:ear

Full Cycle for bike works by p:ear

Full Cycle for bike works by p:ear

Full Cycle is Nossa Familia's signature giveback blend. Since 2015, we've been proud to donate .50-cents of every bag of Full Cycle purchased to nonprofits striving to make the world a better place through bicycles. 

For the entire month of March, we’re excited to share that we're dedicating our giveback to support the incredible work of p:ear. p:ear is a local non-profit with a mission to build positive relationships with Portland homeless and transitional youth, ages 15 to 24. Through education, job training, art and recreation, p:ear programs aim to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Every year p:ear works with more than 350 homeless and transitional young people in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

.50 of every bag of Full Cycle purchased this month will support bike works by p:ear, the non-profit's bike shop that builds pathways for youth to end homelessness and provide meaningful job training opportunities and continuing bike education.

Full Cycle

50-cents of every bag of our Full Cycle coffee purchased this month will be donated to bike works by p:ear.

bike works by p:ear

about bike works

Located in the outer edges of SE Portland, bike works by p:ear has always been much more than a bike shop. bike works offers safety and opportunity. In addition to providing access to affordable bikes and repairs, the organization builds pathways for youth, ages 15-25, to end their homelessness and begin the journey out of poverty by providing meaningful job training opportunities and continuing bike education through their bike mechanic school program. With their Everybody Bikes initiative, they also refurbish bicycles for community members in need. bike works takes pride in equity, quality service, and being responsive to the needs of the community.

bike works by p:ear builds pathways for youth to end homelessness and provide meaningful job training opportunities and continuing bike education.

bike works by p:ear with the rosewood initiative

moving with the rosewood initiative!

In partnership with The Rosewood Initiative, bike works by p:ear will be moving to a new, larger location at SE 141st and Stark. The new space will serve as a bike shop and The Rosewood Initiative’s community hub.

The Rosewood Initiative is a nonprofit that provides space for people to gather, connect to resources, celebrate, and work on projects that improve their lives and their community.

bike works by p:ear has been in partnership with The Rosewood Initiative for the past four years running their bike shop out of The Rosewood Initiative space. Bike Works credits the success of this relationship on the two organization's shared visions of supporting their community in a positive and impactful way. 

"In a neighborhood that has historically experienced a lack of public transportation infrastructure, many rely on bikes to get around and access TriMet public transportation. With Bike Works in the community, neighbors have access to simple repairs that impact them greatly. We are so lucky to share a space with such a committed and community-driven partner!"

– The Rosewood Initiative 

For both nonprofits, moving to a new, larger space will open doors to more opportunities for future partnerships and collaboration. The intentional move together also means more opportunity to strengthen the collaborative work p:ear and The Rosewood Initiative do to address the needs of their community.

During the month of March, funds raised through sales of Nossa Familia's Full Cycle coffee and direct donations to p:ear will support the cost of building out the new, shared space for the bike shop, service area, storage, offices and meeting rooms. 

Bike Works by p:ear

Nossa Familia and p:ear: the Barista School

Since 2013 Nossa Familia has worked with p:ear to facilitate the p:ear Barista School, which teaches youth the science and art of preparing and serving coffee. In addition to offering the tools necessary to become a barista, this eight-week course also incorporates significant job and life skills, identifies the students’ aspirations and self-defined goals, and provides them with resources upon graduation, including letters of recommendation and certification. This program offers consistent, ongoing mentorship and creative support, and helps to build new patterns of behavior, break isolation, and get kids off of dangerous dependencies.

pear barista school

coffee works

In 2016 Nossa Familia helped p:ear open coffee works, their own walk-up retail window inside their gallery space in Portland, and in 2017 we partnered to run a pop-up coffee booth during the Sunday Parkways event series. With these café and event experiences of their own, p:ear students have the ability to apply their barista skills in new ways, creating opportunities for economic gain and healthier lives.


All p:ear photos credit: p:ear

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