Full Cycle Supporting Community Cycling Center, The Street Trust

Full Cycle: Supporting Two Earth-friendly Nonprofits 

Happy Earth Month 2021!

To celebrate Earth Month, we are highlighting two earth-friendly, nonprofit organizations and one of our coffee blends: Full Cycle. Full Cycle is Nossa Familia’s signature blend, curated to embody the best of what we stand for — coffee as a force for good. For every bag of Full Cycle sold, we donate 50¢. Over the past 5 years, our Full Cycle Giveback Program has allowed Nossa Familia to donate over $18,000 to both the Community Cycle Center and The Street Trust. Both of these Portland-based organizations work to advance bicycle infrastructure, access to alternative transportation, and the number of people (and kids!) on bikes. 


Full Cycle Donations

Today, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, the Community Cycling Center and The Street Trust have managed to remain true to their missions. We want to recognize the resilience and dedication of each of these organizations and show our appreciation by sharing the following updates from each of them along with more ways to support their work.

About the Community Cycling Center

Community Cycling Center is a group of Portlanders who love bikes, and they’re on a mission to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits. Their vision is to help build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected. One of the events we’ve loved supporting has been their annual Holiday Bike Drive, where dozens of volunteers gather to help distribute around 400 donated bikes to kids in need during the holiday season.

An Update from the Community Cycling Center:

"A lot has changed in the past year but our mission remains the same. With the onset of the pandemic the Community Cycling Center created new, and adapted existing programs to better meet the needs of the communities we work with. Food Deliveries By Bike provides boxes of groceries every week to families facing food insecurity. Since May of 2020, we’ve made over 6,000 deliveries! We hope to keep this going for as long as it’s needed! 

PHOTO CREDIT: Community Cycling Center

We’ve also switched-up the way we host bike drives. Instead of one, big event where hundreds of families gather in one place, we’ve hosted several smaller drives throughout the year where we deliver bikes directly to the recipient’s doorstep. For these Community Bike Drives we partner with different organizations for each event. Thanks to the community connections of each organization, our bikes and efforts are going where they’re needed most!

With spring weather we’re especially looking forward to reopening the Repair Hub in New Columbia to be able to provide a space for community members to learn how to fix their own bikes, as well as provide no-cost repairs to anyone that needs them.

Our bike shop on Alberta st. is making changes too! Stay tuned for news about expanded Low Income Commuter Services."

Learn More & Support the Community Cycling Center:

About The Street Trust

The Street Trust, formerly known as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, works to promote and improve public transit, walking and bicycling conditions in Oregon. They have a rock star team of advocates, lobbyists, mentors, and instructors who strive to improve pedestrian and cyclist access to safer streets. One of our favorite programs with the Street Trust is their ‘Bike More Challenge,’ in which they encourage workplaces to form teams and compete with each other to see who can bike the most in a month.

An Update from The Street Trust:
On this 50-year anniversary of the passage of Oregon’s Bike Bill, a landmark legislation, the Street Trust is building a network of activists, organizations, and elected officials to support SB 395 and ensure its passage during the 2021 Legislative Session. Senate Bill 395 proposes to increase bike/pedestrian funding from 1% to 5% of state highway funds and improve infrastructure across the state. 

The Street Trust Safe Routes Active Transportation Summit

We've got some amazing programming lined up for the 10th Anniversary of the Oregon Active Transportation Summit. This year’s summit, taking place April 27th - 30th, 2021, will consist of diverse virtual workshops, panels, round table discussions, mobile workshops, professional training, and a keynote address from the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ Ronnie Matthew Harris with a special introduction from Portland's Transportation Commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty. 

During the summit, we will examine how our transportation investments, programs and plans can lead to clean, equitable solutions for the future of our planet and community. We will highlight the kinds of transportation decisions being made in the face of the climate crisis along with the change-makers leading on them. 

In June, as we look forward to summer and gathering with our (vaccinated) friends on the other side of COVID, we're excited to be partnering with agencies around the region and state by bringing you this year's Bike More Challenge in tandem with the Get There Oregon campaign, which will allow you to sync your rides with the Love to Ride platform for even more fun.”

Learn More & Support The Street Trust:

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