Festa 2023: Celebrate with a Cause

Festa 2023: Celebrate with a Cause

Nossa Familia 2023 Festa Holiday Blend
Welcome Back Festa!
At Nossa Familia, the arrival of our Festa Holiday Blend is always an exciting time of year. Festa, which means "celebration" or "feast" in Portuguese, is the embodiment of our vibrant Brazilian roots, and every holiday season, we eagerly anticipate sharing this tradition with you. Since 2016, Festa has been the mainstay of our holiday offering. It represents the best of what we have to offer and it gives back to the hardworking farming communities who produce it.


2023 Festa Holiday Blend

Our Festa Holiday Blend features beans from our family farms in Brazil, as well as our dedicated partner producers at Finca San Jose de las Nubes in Nicaragua and the Union of Small-Scale Producers (UPC) in Guatemala. Festa is a dark roast expertly crafted to bring out a citrus acidity and flavor notes of nectarine, red currant, mulling spices, and candied almonds to elevate festive gatherings and delight your taste buds.

Festa Gives Back
For 2023, Festa is giving back to women in coffee farming. 50¢ of every bag purchased will support women coffee farmers from the Union of Small-Scale Producers (UPC) in Guatemala, a partnership facilitated by De la Gente, our trusted coffee importer. Our collaboration with UPC and De la Gente began in 2015 and is a testament to our mutual commitment to improving the lives of those who make coffee possible.


Purchases of this year’s Festa Holiday Blend will directly support UPC's women’s group construct a community beneficio (processing station). Presently, each member processes their coffee individually, using outdated, inefficient machinery. Festa contributions will facilitate the acquisition of a larger, motor-operated depulper that will be shared among members. This investment guarantees not only more consistent processing and improved quality control, but also secures a brighter future for these farming families, making a tangible difference in their lives.

UPC Empowering Women in Coffee Photos Credit De la Gente

PHOTO CREDIT: DE LA GENTE FOR UPC Left: Example of a UPC member's manual depulper; Top: UPC Members sisters Carolina and Oralia Velásquez; Bottom Right: UPC President Blandy Constanza


UPC, established in 1998 in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, is renowned for its exceptional coffee, capturing the unique flavors of this region. The steep slopes of Huehuetenango's mountainous terrain provide an ideal environment for growing coffee, including Bourbon, Caturra, Catauí, and Maragogype varieties. However, hand-picked harvesting on these rugged terrains poses a formidable challenge.

This remarkable cooperative comprises over 170 members, with over half of them being women, challenging gender disparities in the coffee industry. UPC's mission is to drive the social development of small-scale coffee farmers, offering education, training, and opportunities for coffee cultivation and processing. Their goal is to enhance the quality of life for these families and their communities, all while striving for sustainable development.

Notably, every batch of our certified organic coffee from Guatemala, sourced and roasted by Nossa Familia, is exclusively cultivated and processed by women coffee farmers who are proud members of UPC's dedicated women's group. In collaboration with our valued import partner, De la Gente, we are committed to empowering women in the coffee industry, ensuring that 100% of the coffee we source from UPC represents women at every stage, from the growers to the legal representative.

Women Coffee Farmers of UPC

PHOTO CREDIT: DE LA GENTE FOR UPC Members of UPC's Women's Group

Join the Celebration!
Festa coffee does good, and it's a gift you can share with friends and family. Join us in celebrating the holidays with a delicious cup that gives back and brightens the future for others. Together we make a difference.


Festa Holiday Blend is one of three coffees within Nossa Familia's overarching Giveback Program. Through this initiative we commit 1% of our annual gross profits to organizations working to build a better world for everyone. Since our inception we’ve contributed nearly $180,000 in cash and over $300,000 in kind to nonprofits and charitable causes supporting communities, youth, and the environment. LEARN MORE 

2019 – 2022 De la Gente Young Entrepreneur Fund, Guatemala 
From 2019 to 2022, purchases of Festa Holiday Blend supported the educational and career development of a group of ambitious young adults, all of whom are the children of coffee growers in Guatemala. Proceeds contributed to the success of the children of our Guatemalan origin partners in realizing their aspirations, both within the coffee industry and beyond with access to interest-free microloans, equipment, education, and technical training. LEARN MORE

2016 - 2018 Finca San Jose de Las Nubes, Nicaragua 
From 2016 to 2018, sales of Festa Holiday Blend contributed to the construction of a new kitchen for our origin partner's farm workers at Finca San Jose de las Nubes in Nicaragua. Among other features, the new kitchen has a clean-burning stove and refrigeration, which helps provide better food and nutrition for those on the farm, in addition to a healthier environment for the cook and their family. LEARN MORE 

Meet Bayardo Reyes of Finca San Jose de las Nubes 
Watch the video about Bayardo Reyes, owner of Finca San Jose de las Nubes and learn how funds from Nossa Familia's Festa Holiday Blend helped Bayardo make improvements on his farm to provide better quality of life to the workers and their families there. WATCH NOW 

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