Black Lives Matter

Continuing Anti-Racism Work

The graphic above is courtesy of Black Lives Matter. Visit the website to download graphics to use on social media and show your support.

May 25, 2021 marks the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder - the tragedy that sparked a reckoning across the nation to stand up against racism. A year ago, as an organization, we made a commitment to be allies to our Black community, find ways to educate ourselves, improve, do the work to confront discrimination, and counter systemic injustices for people of color. 

Today, we reflect on progress the country has made over the last year and we acknowledge that much work remains to be done as a society to address systemic racism and generations of injustices.

As an organization and collective group of individuals, Nossa Familia Coffee renews our ongoing commitment to building a more equitable economy and evolve as an anti-racist organization, developing ourselves, and taking meaningful steps forward. 

Steps we took in 2020 included:

Amplifying Black-owned businesses and contributing to nonprofit organizations supporting diversity and inclusion. Organizations we donated to or featured:

Equitable Giving Circle
Black Resilience Fund
Deadstock Coffee
Black and White Coffee Roasters
KISS Coffee
Resolutions Northwest

Conducting 8 weeks of internal ‘Whiteness at Work’ conversations

- referring to the Adaway Group list of "White Dominant Organizational Norms/Characteristics" adapted from the "White Supremacy Culture Characteristics" document by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun

Becoming a member of Prosper Portland's Portland Means Progress city-wide initiative designed to create a more inclusive economy in Portland

Working with Workplace Change, a Woman & Black Owned Diversity, Equity and Inclusion centered Human Resource company

For 2021, we are furthering our anti-racism work, taking action by:

Continuing our series featuring Black-owned companies:

Southeastern Roastery
• BLK & Bold Coffee

Supporting the Black Resilience Fund in honor of Juneteenth, donating 19% of cafe sales from 6/18-6/20

Attending the ’Power Up Series’ of workshops being put on by Prosper Portland

Striving as a company and as collective of individuals, to seek out ways to build a more equitable workplace, city and world.

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