Business as [Un]usual

Business as [Un]usual

Business as Unusual:
An update from Nossa Familia's Founder

It's been a wild ride for humanity these past 18-months, and also for Nossa Familia. A big challenge for us has been the growing costs of running a business, and because of that we just increased our online prices by $1-$1.50 for our 12oz bags. We kept prices stable as long as possible, but in order to maintain a healthy business we opted to update our prices.
(It's not all bad. We've kept many great deals in place. See my "pro-tips for saving money on coffee" below.)

We value transparency, so we thought we'd share the forces at play:

2021 Coffee Market Pricing Factors

1. Climate Change + Coffee Market Pricing
I shared back in July that a large portion of Brazil experienced severe frosts. Some estimates say the annual crop loss is around 30%. This sent the coffee market soaring by more than 60%. It's hard for us to be mad at this increase as it will actually help coffee farmers do better, even if in the short run.

2. Cost of Living in Portland + Labor shortages
During many months we offered hazard pay, and in May 2021 we stopped the hazard pay and issued permanent raises to our deserving crew. 

3. Shipping Costs and Logistics - Yikes!
It used to cost us $4,500 to import a container of coffee from Brazil. Then it went to 10k, and then this latest shipment is costing us 3X the usual at FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars. We've also had to pay surcharges to get our coffee packaging on time.

Each of these factors alone would reduce our margins, and combined they present enough of a challenge that it risks our ability to sustain and continue to grow a healthy business.

Pro-tips for saving money on coffee

2021 Holiday Gifts

It's not all bad news!
We have built in some loopholes so you can still get a great deal:
    We are holding our recurring and prepaid coffee subscription steady until at least January 1st. Subscribing used to save you up to 30%, now it's more like 40%! 

    Coffee Box sets, like our Best of Nossa and our Holiday Giveback Gift Set are staying at the same price through the holiday season.

    We have some sweet promos scheduled from now through Cyber Monday. Be sure to stay tuned to our newsletters for extra savings.

    For the holiday season, we've lowered the minimum purchase needed to receive free shipping from $35 to $25. Give the gift of good coffee and enjoy free shipping on many of the items in our Holiday Collection. 

Thank You for Being Part of our Journey!

We wish you the very best this holiday season and sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you for being part of our journey and for your continued trust in us to bring you the very best sustainably roasted coffee in a way that has a positive impact on our world.

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