Now Featuring: BLK & Bold

Now Featuring: BLK & Bold

Introducing BLK&Bold

Introducing BLK & Bold

We are excited to welcome fellow B Corp, BLK & Bold as our guest roaster at Nossa Familia’s cafes, continuing our series featuring Black-owned coffee businesses.


Our guest coffee is a single origin, light roast from Limu, Ethiopia. Low in acidity, BLK & Bold describes this natural-processed coffee as having notes of honey, chocolate, and super-fruit, blueberry. 

Try BLK & Bold's Ethiopian
Visit Nossa Familia's Pearl District Espresso Bar or Seven Corners Cafe starting Monday, May 17th, and try BLK & Bold's Ethiopian light roast on drip and espresso. We'll also be offering a limited amount of 12oz bags for purchase at our cafes while supplies last. Pre-order online for pick up or purchase a bag when you stop in. We look forward to sharing our special guest coffee with you! 
BLK&Bold Limu, Ethiopia Single Origin Light Roast




Based in Des Moines, Iowa, childhood friends and founders Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson created BLK & Bold when they recognized an opportunity to turn the daily ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee into a means of giving back. BLK & Bold pledges 5% of profits to local and national organizations with initiatives supporting at-risk-youth by enhancing workforce development, eradicating youth homelessness, and ending food insecurity. 

BLK&Bold 5% for our youth

"Representation matters"

Cezar and Johnson also have a mutual desire to encourage more Black Americans to drink coffee and work in the industry. Citing it as a main reason for starting the company, Johnson has expressed that he and Cezar “wanted to have representation on the other side of the counter; wanted to make sure that, considering how much we drink coffee as a culture, that there's again that representation as merchants as well.” If lack of representation is a barrier, Blk & Bold aims to address this both by sharing their coffee knowledge with consumers and by increasing accessibility to their product through their broad distribution in the mainstream market.

Be Bold

"Great business stems from investing in our communities"

With the belief that “great business stems from investing in our communities,” Blk & Bold has grown exponentially since their start in June of 2018, scaling their social impact model to become the first nationally distributed Black-owned coffee brand and achieving B Corporation certification in July of 2020. 

PHOTO CREDIT: All Photos courtesy of BLK&Bold


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