Augusto Carneiro on PDX Executive Podcast

Augusto Carneiro on PDX Executive Podcast

This is an incredibly tough time for everyone, including leaders of small businesses. Nossa Familia’s Founder and Chief Friendship Officer, Augusto, has been working around the clock to do whatever it takes to ensure the health and safety of Nossa employees, as well as financial security for our staff and the company at large.

This is a time of both tough decisions and quick learning. From researching and applying for small business loans and grants, to coordinating care packages for laid off employees, to figuring out how we can continue donating to partners in need—there’s a lot to be done.

Augusto was recently invited to talk with the producers of the PDX Executive Podcast. The podcast, powered by the PDX Executive Forums, features inspiring leaders from Portland, Oregon and beyond. Listen to the podcast to hear Augusto talk about the early ups and downs of Nossa Familia Coffee, and where the company is positioned today facing a global pandemic.

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