Microlot Series Feature: Brazil - Fazenda Recreio, Seletivo Natural

Microlot Series Feature: Brazil - Fazenda Recreio, Seletivo Natural


Fazenda Recreio, Brazil: This is where the family’s coffee history started! Fazenda Recreio was the first coffee farm that Nossa Familia Coffee Founder Augusto Carneiro’s family established in 1890.

The farm is located in southeastern Brazil in a rich valley known as ‘Vale da Grama,’ a lush and picturesque valley ideal for growing coffee. It is a stunning farm featuring ideal coffee-growing qualities such as fertile soil, mild climate, mountainous topography, and excellent sun exposure. The estate is now in the fifth generation of the family’s operation.

Fazenda Recreio embodies the family ethos of care for the environment and care for all the farm workers and their families. They provide housing, healthcare, access to education, training, recreation, and tools for personal & professional development. Each farm is a true community with up to 50 families living and working together.

In 2000, Diogo Dias, cousin to Nossa Familia Coffee’s founder Augusto, took over administration of the farm. An agricultural engineer by training, Diogo has brought diligence of quality and passion for experimentation to the farm administration that continues to propel the farm forward and win its coffee accolades. Fazenda Recreio has been a model for specialty coffee in Brazil, even winning the ‘Cup of Excellence’ Competition in 2004.

This coffee in particular is special: the name 'Seletivo Natural' (Seletivo is Portuguese for 'Selective') refers to both the method used to harvest the coffee as well as the method used to process it. This Brazilian Bourbon varietal was selectively handpicked from the vine with precision to pick the very best and most ripe cherries and processed using the natural process. In the Natural method, the fruit is kept intact, encasing the bean during the drying process.

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