Supporting Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Supporting Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Nossa Familia is supporting efforts for the recent earthquake in Ecuador by donating $1 for every bag of coffee purchased and $3 for every bag of Ecuador Finca Maputo to the MercyCorps Humanitarian Response Fund.


Last weekend, a powerful, 7.8-magnitude earthquakes struck the central coast of Ecuador, leaving a disaster zone in its wake. Current estimates are that 587 lives were lost, with over 8,000 injured and 155 missing. The United Nations estimates that 350,000 people are in need of aid. 

Hundreds of buildings and bridges were toppled in the quake, and countless others seriously compromised. Destroyed roads and distribution channels have exacerbated a serious shortage of supplies - shops are empty, water is not reaching those who need it, people are hungry and in need of assistance. Many have been left homeless by the quake, and the threat of spreading disease is real. As the dust settles in Ecuador, the country’s road to recovery will be long and arduous for Ecuador, a country of 16 million that already experiences low economic growth and investment.

Last summer, one of our baristas visited Ecuador and the Finca Maputo coffee farm, operated by Henry Gaibor and Verena Blaser, a couple who met in their former positions with Doctors Without Borders in Burundi. Lucas was humbled by the generosity and hospitality of his hosts, and awed by the beauty of the Ecuadorean landscape. We’ve learned that everyone at the farm is safe, but our hearts are still heavy with the news of the destruction that has struck the country.

Many aid organizations are rushing in to help the survivors of the earthquake and to bring relief to the survivors. Through the end of May, Nossa Familia will be donating $1 for every bag of coffee sold and $3 for every bag of Ecuador Finca Maputo back to the country that opened its arms to us when we visited, and the country that has given us one of our favorite coffees for the past few months. We will be supporting the MercyCorps Humanitarian Response Fund, a team of first responders that is skilled with responding to humanitarian crises around the world. We hope you’ll also consider giving an additional donation to MercyCorps or other reputable aid organizations working to bring swift relief to those in Ecuador who desperately need it.


Another way to contribute

The talented folks over at Wieden + Kennedy's Goodness project have also made this poster to lend their support to Ecuador, called Fuerza Ecuador. "Designed by Ecuadorian W+K'er, David Trujillo and Alex Sanchez, the tricolor design is inspired by the Ecuadorian flag and its geographical location—one that makes it one of the most unique and most diverse countries in the world. The equator line doubles as symbol of solidarity and a lifeline of hope the country can hold onto around the world." Every $20 contribution helps UNICEF's earthquake relief efforts in Ecuador.

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