Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Policy Update!

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Policy Update!

Volunteer Time Off - Now Including Pro Bono Time!

You can now use your Nossa positions, skills, access, etc. to benefit the community as a part of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours.

This might look like donating your skills as a Barista to an event for a non-profit, offering consulting services with your specialized knowledge and skill set to a community organization, or a myriad of other possibilities.

The rest of the VTO process remains the same. You are paid your regular hourly wage, up to 16 hours per year (for non-seasonal & non-temp employees), and you will submit the VTO from after your organization & volunteer role has been approved by HR.

Policy Effective : 05/01/2019

Policy Owned by : Sara Eden

If you have questions please contact SaraEden@nossacoffee.com

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