Office Cleanliness Systems & Expectations

Office Cleanliness Systems & Expectations

Let’s all put in a little extra effort to make sure we’re proud of the space we work in!

Here are a few guidelines for how to use our shared office space:

1. When using common space (conference room, break room, etc.), pick up after yourself.

2. If you spill something or make a mess, clean it up.

3. Keep your desk organized and tidy.

4. Return things you use to the place you found them.

5. Follow the posted trash, recycling, and compost guidelines when disposing of waste.

Here’s how we’re going to work together to keep the office clean between visits from the cleaning service:

Each employee based out of our warehouse will be responsible for keeping common areas clean for 1-2 weeks a year.

The week you are responsible for is listed here:

4/8-4/14 Will

4/15-4/21 Karen

4/22-4/28 Steven

4/29-5/5 Sara Eden

5/6-5/12 Julie

5/13-5/19 Augusto

5/20-5/26 Brittany

5/27-6/2 Mark

6/3-6/9 Chris

6/10-6/16 Jarrett

6/17-6/23 Sami

6/24-6/30 Lia

7/1-7/7 Beca

7/8-7/14 Geoff

7/15-7/21 Fuzzee

7/22-7/28 Andre

7/29-8/4 Shantel

8/5-8/11 Jocelyn

8/12-8/18 Tucker

8/19-8/15 Dylan

8/26-9/1 Kyle

9/2-9/8 Debs

9/9-9/15 Rob

A physical copy of this list, along with the items you are responsible for, is posted on the back of the break room door. If you are unable to clean during your week, there is a space to write down trades on the physical copy of this list.

Feel free to ask Becca or Will how to refill soap & paper towels or how to do anything else.

These are the items you are responsible when cleaning the office:

❏ Empty Trash/Recycling/Compost

❏ Empty Bathroom Trash

❏ Empty Dish Rack

❏ Wash Rogue Dishes

❏ Tidy Breakroom

❏ Refill Soap & Paper Towel Dispensers