Injury Reporting Policy - Warehouse Only!

Injury Reporting Policy - Warehouse Only!

Hey Warehouse Managers,

This is a guest post from Will about our new Injury Reporting Policy. All the information you’ll need to report an injury at the warehouse can be found here or in the information linked.

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Injury Reporting Policy!

This Policy Lives HERE!

All Nossa Familia employees are expected to report injuries (those requiring more than first aid, as defined by OSHA.) to their manager within 8 hours, or before they leave work -- whichever comes first.
If an employee becomes aware of a workplace injury while not at work, they should contact their manager within 8 hours of becoming aware of their injury.

Managers: If you are made aware of a workplace injury, you are required to document the incident using Form 301, which should be submitted to Geoff LeCoq (

Location Managers: You must track workplace injuries on a Form 300, which should be posted in an area accessible to your employees. You are responsible for completing a Form 300A at the conclusion of each year, which shall be posted (in an area accessible to your employees) between February 1st and April 30th of the following year. 

Policy Effective: 11/20/2019

Policy Owned by: William Schaefer

If you have any questions please contact