Pomodoro Technique for Time Management

Pomodoro Technique for Time Management

The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to mix bursts of concentrated work with short breaks as a way to maximize time and efficiency. Its unusual name is based on a tomato-shaped kitchen timer that was used by its developer, Francis Cirillo, as he perfected the technique.

One way you can use the Pomodoro Technique is to select a task from your To Do list. Set a timer and become absorbed in the task for 25 minutes, blocking out all distractions. If anything comes along to interrupt you, simply take a note of it and deal with it later.

Once the 25 minutes are up, you should take a short break – five or ten minutes should be fine. This break is important as it gives your brain a chance to rest.

Once your break is over you can then move back into another 25-minute work session, either on the same task or the next on your To Do list, followed by a further break.

You will find that 25 minutes is a good length for a concerted work session. You will neither become too tired nor feel you have done too little work to have accomplished anything.

After 4 pomodoro cycles, take a longer break. Repeat and be productive!