Emergency Coffee Production

Emergency Coffee Production

If you need coffee and did not have time to follow the order protocol, follow the steps below to produce those bags all by yourself.

Everyone producing bags of coffee should be previously trained by a production employee and familiar with the SOP.

1) Label the bags you need to produce using the supplies outside of the production room.

2) Put a hat or hairnet on, then wash your hands.

3) Grab the correct scoop from the white bins on the table or the drying rack near the dish pit.
a) If you are producing a bag of organic coffee (Augusta’s or Camila’s), use a clear scoop or a black scoop with a hole drilled in the top (like an O for Organic).
b) If you are producing a bag of non-organic coffee, use a black or silver scoop.

4) Weigh coffee into your bags using the scales on the counter and the correct scoops. Seal and roll your bags.

5) If you are using the production room after hours, turn off all scales, heat sealers, and lights when you are finished. DO NOT unplug or move any scales.

6) Find the produced coffee sheet underneath the label rack. Record the number and size of bags you made. Options for bag sizes are: 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 2 lb, and 5 lb. Include whether the coffee was ground, the date, and your name.

7) Email the order desk (order@nossacoffee.com) with the information you wrote on the produced coffee sheet. In your email, be clear that you have already produced this coffee and are not ordering it.