Bike Benefit: Bumped to $75 and Public Transit Too!

Bike Benefit: Bumped to $75 and Public Transit Too!

The Bike Benefit is changing and expanding to include a Public Transportation Option as well!

Bike Benefit Change: Due to change in tax law all reimbursements for bike related purchases will be taxed the same as your regular income. Bummer. 

However, we are raising the Bike Benefit limit to 75$ / year. 

You can get a tune-up or purchase bike gear and be reimbursed up to 75$ / year for those costs. 

To be reimbursed, fill out the reimbursement form and attach your receipt. Send it to your supervisor before the pay period ends. 

Public Transportation Option: Great News! You can now opt to use the 75$ benefit to purchase TriMet tickets and passes! 

The same process applies: Make your purchase, keep your receipt, submit a reimbursement form to your supervisor/manager before the pay period ends. 

All reimbursed funds for these benefits will be a part of your next Paycheck and will be TAXED! This is why we have raised the amount to 75$. We're just following the law, folks. 

Policy Effective : 06/1/2019

Policy Owned by : Sara Eden

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