Community Engagement & Giveback

Fostering a thriving local community is a natural extension of Nossa Familia’s roots and is an essential component of realizing our company mission and living our Core Values. We know that giving back to the community we live and work in builds lasting relationships, deepens our purpose, and makes things more fun for all.

B Corp Certified Coffee roasted in Portland Oregon

Nossa Giveback Program

Some Projects we’ve donated to

• Raising funds to help with building a new farm kitchen at Finca San Jose de las Nubes in Nicaragua through our Festa Holiday Blend.

• Supporting the establishment of a micro-loan fund for the next generation of coffee farmers in Guatemala through De la Gente, in partnership New Seasons Market and Hopworks Urban Brewery, through our Next Generation Roast.

• Providing employment opportunities and donating all revenues from a Sunday Parkways coffee booth to p:ear.

• Donating $0.50 for every bag of Full Cycle Signature Blend sold to local Portland cycling organizations The Street Trust and Community Cycling Center.

• Raising funds for Visibles Guatemala and the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) during Pride Month.

Over the life of our company we have donated over $100,000 in cash to nonprofits and charitable causes. View our Sustainability Report for the full breakdown of numbers).


Full Cycle



Our Community Partnerships

Central City Coffee

Central City Coffee

Community Vision


p:ear creative mentoring homeless youth

Quarterly Featured Community Partners

In 2016, Nossa Familia Coffee selected local nonprofits to spotlight as our Quarterly Featured Community Partner in order to strengthen community ties and promote meaningful connections with our neighbors. We supported these organizations with coffee for their events, financial contributions through our Espresso Bar, staff volunteer time, and some fun coffee education!

Previous quarterly community partners: Hacienda CDC (Q1 2016), Friends of Trees (Q2 2016), Trash for Peace (Q3 2016), The ReBuilding Center (Q3 2016), Cracked Pots (Q3 2016).

Giving back in other ways

Educational tours & cuppings

If there’s one thing we can’t talk about enough, it’s coffee. At Nossa Familia, we’re all about the connections that coffee inspires and the friendships that result. We love to share our coffee knowledge with others, welcoming people into the exciting world of cupping and educating people about where and who coffee comes from. We offer a free farm-to-cup coffee talk & cupping (tasting) in which you can see learn more about the process of sourcing, roasting, and tasting coffee for quality. For information on additional cupping and coffee-class options, please see our Classes page.

Reuse & Recycle

At the Nossa Familia roasting facility we routinely amass: burlap coffee sacks (great for weed suppression and bed edging); grain-pro agricultural bags (strong, gas-barrier plastic bags); pallets (building a compost bin, anyone?); and coffee grounds – these typically go directly into our compost, but we can bag grounds over the course of a few days for you. If any of these items are of interest to you, please email with your specific request to determine what is available and coordinate a time for pickup.