Full Cycle (Signature Blend)


Full Cycle (Signature Blend)

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Full Cycle is our go-to signature espresso blend. Starting with a rich and chocolatey base of Brazilian coffee, we add seasonally appropriate coffees from other origins to lend their bright and fruity characteristics.

We worked to blend the most versatile coffee possible, one that works for everything from a straight espresso to a clean drip to a French press with a touch of cream. We are constantly striving to improve this blend, and its components are always changing, but the goal for Full Cycle is to keep its flavor profile consistently superb.

50 cents per bag purchased supports The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) and the Community Cycling Center, helping build a healthier and more accessible community through cycling.

Coffee Components
Brazil - Fazenda Recreio (Pulped Natural)
Guatemala - San Miguel Escobar Cooperative (Washed)

Our Notes
A delightful balance of chocolate and caramel, with a bright fruit finish. Perfect for espresso, drip or iced coffee.

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