REGION  Cajamarca, Cutervo
RELATIONSHIP  Friends via Sustainable Harvest

ALTITUDE  1600-1850 masl
COMMUNITIES  Miraflores, Tablabamba, Pabellon
VARIETALS  Caturra, Typica, Pache, Bourbon

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Selva Andina (‘Andean Forest’), or The Association of Coffee Producers of the Andean Forest, is a cooperative located in the northern region of Peru. It is a democratically-run collective of smallholder coffee communities of the Cajamarca and Amazonas regions that focuses on sustainable agriculture and consistently produces high-quality coffee. 

In its own words, the organization is “committed to sustainable coffee production, preserving the environment and improving the living standards of its members.” Selva Andina works to strengthen capacities in organic production and marketing of premium products, while also contributing to the development of the local producers’ communities. The organization has obtained USDA, EU & Peruvian organic certifications, as well as Fair Trade certification.

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Member farmers of Selva Andina harvest their coffee with the help of their families and contracted local workers. Great care is put into selecting only mature coffee     cherries to avoid mixing in green or overripe fruit. The cherries are depulped in mechanical depulpers on individual farms the same day they are harvested and are fermented in either cement or wood tanks. Afterward the coffee is washed using clean water, then dried naturally on patios made of cement, on wooden and mesh trays or raised covered beds in solar tents. After drying, the coffee is transported to Piura for dry milling in a private plant. It is then   cupped to ensure quality control before heading to port in Paita for export.

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In February 2015 Selva Andina received funds from the government to improve the post-harvest infrastructure for members who are aiming to produce high-quality coffee for the specialty market. This group of farmers will renew their depulping machines, restore their cement tanks with tile, and improve their solar driers. The project also considers the production of organic fertilizer to improve soil quality. Additionally with these government funds Selva Andina  has fully implemented a cupping lab.