Happy New Year! Here's 2018 By the Numbers

2018 was an eventful year here at Nossa Familia Coffee! We've opened an (overly) ambitious FOUR cafe locations in the past just-over-twelve-months, and we're truly humbled by your support. This year wouldn’t have been the same without you! Here is a snapshot of 2018 by the numbers: pounds roasted, mochas & lattes served, to-go cups saved from the landfill, and our Full Cycle giveback.

Next Generation Roast: Supporting the Future of Coffee Farming

Next Generation Roast: Supporting the Future of Coffee Farming

We are proud to introduce the Next Generation Roast, a special Partner Brand coffee with fellow Certified B Corporation, New Seasons Market. We teamed up to purchase a special lot of 2500 pounds from Young Farmers in Guatemala, their first harvest as a group. $1 from each bag of coffee sold will support the establishment of a Young Farmers Fund with our partners at De la Gente in Guatemala. The fund will be set up to provide ongoing education for these farmers, as well as a source of sustainable micro-loans so they can purchase land and equipment.

Sustainability in the Café: The Zero Waste Café, Part 1 - What it means to open a coffee shop with no waste

First up in our Sustainability in the Café series, we dig into the meaning of Zero Waste in the café. A couple years ago, when our café at Seven Corners was just an idea, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to set out to build a café that was a bit different from the rest. We set out with an ambitious sustainability initiative to become a Zero Waste café by taking specific actions to reduce and limit our waste. Learn more about these actions, such as our to-go cup upcharge, and more!