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Policies and Guidelines

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  • Wage Ranges

  • Wage Increase Guidelines:

    • All managers have the authority to make wage changes and increases for their staff within the bounds of the Wage Range for each position (outlined in the document above).
      The Wage Range document will be updated when the Portland area minimum wage increases.

Hiring & Onboarding


  • Hiring materials are currently under review. A new hiring procedure will be posted (as a blog and here) once we have determined the most equitable way to proceed. Thank you for your patience.



Time management

  • Tools:

    • Trello - A living to-do list that you can share with your staff & sort by project

    • Toggl - A free (basic plan) time-tracking app that can help you discern how much time you spend on a given area or project.

    • The Pomodoro Technique

Employee Relationships : Conflict Resolution