This holiday season we invite you to take the opportunity to share your love for coffee with the farmers who grew it! With every purchase of a 12oz bag of our Festa Holiday Blend, a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit our farm partnership, Finca San Jose de las Nubes, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The money donated will support numerous projects within the farm's community, such as improving their food, education, and housing. All it takes is a purchase of delicious coffee to make a powerful difference.

A note from the farm owner, Bayardo Reyes: 
"Any help is appreciated. As for the momentum, I think the kitchen will be the fastest way you can improve the life of some of the folks at the farm. First, the cook would not be inhaling the awful smoke which is cancer-producing, and the quality of the food would improve greatly. As for other projects- the self-sustainable, one acre plot of land would improve the quality of life for the workers, and a couple of cattle to provide milk & cheese (which is lacking in the farmers' diet). I also want to add a permanent teacher at the farm."


This coffee not only supports a meaningful cause, but also makes an excellent gift for your loved ones this Holiday season. You can purchase this coffee at our roasting facility or online.



On top of the $1500 that we are donating to Finca San Jose de las Nubes, your purchase of the Festa Holiday Blend will contribute an additional 50¢ (per bag) to the project. 



Once you've made your purchase, you can rejoice knowing that you've made a meaningful contribution to the hard-working farmers who grew your coffee.