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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Nossa Familia Coffee! We are proud to deliver excellent farm-direct coffee, straight from our roastery in Northwest Portland, Oregon. This coffee comes to us from our family farms in Brazil and other family farmer relationships around the world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Your sample pack will include two samples of coffee beans:

  • An 8oz bag of our signature Full Cycle blend, which we highly recommend for espresso, as well as drip brewing.
  • One additional 4oz bag of a roast of your choosing. Click here to view a description of each option. Roast options include:
    • Augusta's Organic Breakfast (Medium roast)
    • Brazil Decaf (Swiss Water Processed)
    • Camila's Organic (Medium-dark roast)
    • Ernesto's House Roast (Medium roast)
    • Mathilde's French Roast (Dark roast)
    • Teodoro's Italian Roast (Medium-dark roast)
    • Single Origin Microlot Series (Seasonal offering, light roast)

All samples come in whole bean form - if this presents an obstacle for you, please indicate in the notes section.

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4oz Coffee Sample Roast Options


Full Cycle is our go-to espresso blend, and is the culmination of the Nossa Familia philosophy. The name signifies our involvement in the “full cycle” of coffee. Starting with a rich and chocolatey base of Brazilian beans, we blend in seasonal coffees from other origins, such as Guatemala and Nicaragua, to lend their bright and fruity tones, yielding a well-balanced medium roast that can please a crowd with any brew method. Our label notes: a delightful balance of chocolate & caramel with a bright, fruit finish.


Each coffee in our Family Line is named after our founder’s family members, to match flavor profiles with personalities. The non-Organic coffees come from our family farms in Brazil, while Augusta’s and Camila’s rotate between two Organic & direct-trade cooperatives in Guatemala & Peru. The Family Line encompasses a wide range of flavor profiles and roast levels, as we don’t believe there is one roast level for everybody and are committed to providing a coffee for all palates.

Our family line of coffees, listed from lightest to darkest:
Augusta's Organic Breakfast (medium roast) - bright & balanced with a brown sugar sweetness
Ernesto's House Roast (medium roast) - well-rounded & nutty with a smooth, honey finish
Camila's Organic (medium-dark roast) - rich chocolate body with sweet & floral undertones
Teodoro's Italian Roast (medium-dark roast) - full-bodied with flavors of cocoa & roasted nuts
Mathilde's French Roast (dark roast) - bold, dark chocolate body with a smoky & smooth finish

Brazil Decaf

Does your shop have a lot of decaf drinkers? You're in luck! We are very proud of our Brazil Decaf coffee. It comes to us from our family farms in Brazil, and then gets shipped to the Swiss Water Process facility in Vancouver, BC, where it undergoes a 100% chemical-free decaffeination process. This water-based decaffeinating technology preserves the character and flavor of the beans, and it's often picked out as people's favorite coffee during blind taste tests!


Our single-origin Microlot Series is comprised of exceptional coffees sourced through direct trade relationships around the world. We offer microlots as light roasts to highlight the natural flavors of the coffee itself. Offerings rotate seasonally. Our microlots include coffees from:

Brazil - Fazenda Recreio Reserve Lot or Seletivo Natural
Guatemala - San Miguel Escobar Cooperative
Guatemala - Finca San Jerónimo Miramar
Kenya - Oreti Estate
Nicaragua - Finca San Jose de las Nubes