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Aeropress Brewer

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The Aeropress is one of the easiest ways to brew small cups of coffee at home or on the road.  As an immersion/filter brew method, the Aeropress retains much of the body and sweetness from a French press brew but without any of the sediment due to the filtered second stage.  The Aeropress includes a pack of filters to get you started, a stirrer, funnel, and scoop.

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Can't go wrong.

The Aeropress is an incredibly versatile brewer. It's beginner friendly but also has the potential for crafting unique recipes specific to your tastes. It's possible to brew at double strength and dilute for multiple cup brewing, and/or for iced coffee. Highly recommend for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Aero press Go

Ironically, the Aeropress Go is what I really wanted, but I was going to settle for the standard Aeropress as that was all you offered for sale on your website. I received your email about the mixup, but am quite happy with what you sent. I’ve been using it every day!

kelly Schlegel
Delicious, quick and easy. In that order

Great taste, very quick and fool proof! Love it!